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As an artist, domainer, designer, optimizer, brand marketer, multi-site webmaster, hostmaster and tech, I've come to appreciate a variety of resources as well as develop many of my own. Of course, I could possibly reap a small commission if you click and/or purchase something.

Resources List

Domain Hostmaster

Domain Registration

Business website consulting, service or setup meetings available by appointment at offic (sales) number. Customer service & support is available 24/7 via web ticket or phone.

Domain name search, registrations, transfers, protection, 'whois' lookup & hosting.
We offer .com, .net & .org Top Level Domains (TLDs), Country Code TLDs (ccTLDs), and most ICANN 'new era' gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains) to help your brand stand-out with the name and domain you require.

Create a website with Website Builder or Wordpress (both with hosting).
For pros: Linux cPanel or Windows Plesk web hosting platforms (allow scripting & databases).
Business: VPS or Dedicated Servers for complete control.

Verified encryption Security Certificates, Website Security and Website Backup.

Shopping Cart web app, online Search Engine Optimization & Visibility tool, even a handy Email Marketing system.

Our NOC is directly connected to a tier 1 internet network backbone. 

HD Web Hosting

Linux Apache Genuine Cloud Host

Heavy Duty Web Hosting for High-Definition, highly trafficked, business websites.

Genuine cloud hosting platform using Linux Apache with anti-spam controls and filters for real mailboxes equipped with email forwarding and email aliases.

PHP, CGI/Perl languages, SSI (Server Side Includes) & MySQL/Protege databases are all supported.

Free LetsEncrypt security certificate and shared IP for the Certs, or optionally purchase the ID verified Comodo Security Certificate and dedicated IP package (or just get the dedicated IP and use the free Security Cert).

Unlimited bandwidth & storage in all but the Personal hosting plan. Accounts include automated website backup to 5GB, with the option to add more, if required.

Our secure, monitored datacenters are located on 4 continents and each is networked with internet backbones.

We can transfer your website into your account with us, if you request this service via web support ticket in your control panel, or via the support phone number for your location.

99.9% uptime guarantee and you can start a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL before you decide to commit to our hosting service, but do be sure to verify your account by phone (or by email), as after you sign-up, a representative will call you if you do not answer or contact them your account will not be approved. This is an unfortunate but required step in reducing fraud and thereby keeping our prices reasonable.

A dedicated, friendly, 24/7 customer support team is always available via web ticket or telephone call to assist with your account in any way.

Image Morgue

Coming Soon

Coming Soon: I used to share and sell lots of my photos, graphics, animations and video at Image Morgue, but something happened with my license and I am currently looking for a decent software alternative.

Font-Journal is my attempt to document free, freeware and shareware fonts. Most of the fonts that I categorize and catalog in this font repository are OK for commercial use, but there are some that I like which require a small registration fee before using for a commercial project, so do be sure to check each license. I have contributed a considerable amount of the fonts that I have developed, as well.  There's even a couple of exclusive fonts that I have created which are not available anywhere else.

I often send my logo and brand design clients here to browse the fonts and pick out a few of their favorites. I might not use any specific font they choose, because I also have a large catalog of commercial fonts that I have collected through the years (obviously, can't distribute them), but having an idea what kind of a style they are looking for is a big help. I've also designed fonts for a client based on their input. 

Symbiotic Design

Pro Brand Marketing

Symbiotic Design is my company. I started designing websites in 1996 and setup shop as an independent web design studio in 1997 based on the growing demand for my work. Eventually, I added more services and support, such as web hosting and domain registration. 

While I do maintain and support my current customer base, these technologies have become my main focus (Domain Hostmaster, HD Web Hosting (both listed above), as well as other web properties and opperations.

As Symbiotic Design I no longer simply design websites, I am actually developing brands and complete marketing strategies that include name conception, brand design, website development, copywriting, website search optimization, off-site promotion, marketing campaigns, public relations & networking technologies (as well as offering vital business tech & networking opportunities, myself).

Mobirise Website Builder

DIY Website Design Application

Mobirise is an easy-to-use website builder that does not require any coding knowledge. This is a great free program that allows a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) experience. I would note that you should edit each block as you add them. It creates very mobile friendly websites that look as well on the phone as on the computer. This website was created with Mobirise, though I do also code HTML & CSS when I am required.

This free web editor can be used for personal or commercial use, and you can create as many websites as you want with it. The catch is that you have to pony-up for the extra extensions, like the code editor extension I use, a shopping cart, PayPal or some other payment processing. But, this is a capable application for free that will work for most personal sites, etrepreneurs, and many small to medium sized business websites.

The new Mobirise version 5 is available for Windows, Macintosh & Linux. The older version 4 supported Android (as well as Windows & Macintosh) and can be downloaded from the Play store.

HTML Character Code

Tricky HTML Code Lookup Table & Anti-Spam Tips

You don't actually need a website editor to create a website, though. HTML & CSS are pretty easy to learn presentation mark-up languages and all that is required to take full advantage of them is a simple text editor (and one such simple text editor comes with or is available free for every single operating system I have ever used).

However, there are some special character codes that will often slip my mind as I require them, so I created an easy-to-lookup codes table at HTMLCharacterCode.com that is available to all and actually has a few timeless tips on how to prevent spammers & scammers from harvesting your email address. 


Dictionary Word Lookup &  Tech Terms

Glossary/Index is an easy-to-use word lookup tool. However, it currently uses a 1917 dictionary, so it isn't quite up-to-speed, yet. I have plans to expand this dictionary with tech terms, as well as add some older obsolete words & terms from Olde English, Medeival times, and even some choice Latin.

I have a thing for typography and that does include their formation of words as printed communications. 

Meta Tags & SEO

Website Search Optimization

Most of "SEO" (Search Engine Optimization) is simply common sense. But the HTML "meta" tag is not dead and this website walks you through the advantages of using meta tags, as well as the disadvantages, because everyone is not the same, we all have different and unique requirements.  

Robots File

Website Search Optimization

You can assist web crawlers by directing traffic with a simple "robots.txt" file. This can actually optimize your website by reducing load on your server. Say Googlebot comes by and starts crawling your website. If you give it special instructions to dissallow files or folders that are unnecessary for it to do its job, you are reducing the number of calls and downloads it has to make, and also reducing the strain required for it to crawl your website. 


Branding Favicon

Nowadays, we are all browsing with (it seems) a zillion tabs open in our browser. Often, I never see the title of a website, only that little 'favorite' shorcut icon (officially referred to as a 'favicon'). So today, we need these tiny 16x16 icon images so that users can distinguish between the different tabs. The favicon has become an essential part of branding and gives a website that finishing touch it deserves.

Faviconvert will convert any square sized (aspect ratio 1:1) PNG, GIF or JPG image into a 32x32 pixel icon for the desktop, and a 16x16 pixel icon that you can use as a favicon for your website.

Not all logos or photos will reduce well, so if it doesn't I recommend using a repeating graphic design element from your website theme which is unique to your website presentation (and your website user's experience).

phpinfo() File

Server Configuration Information

When adding server-side scripted applications to your website (such as a Wordpress blog, a MODx CMS, a Bulletin Board, a Web Directory or a payment processor app), you will likely need to ensure that your webserver supports the requirements of that particular web app. You can always ask your web hosting tech support team, but as you expand and develop your website with new functionality you may wind-up bothering them a lot because the server configuration and supported systems is always updated and therefore constantly changing.

To rectify this, visit phpinfoFile.com so that you can create a simple system where you can look-up this information every time you need it, whenever you need it (including in the middle of the night) without ever bothering them.

php is required for this trick to work, but if your web host doesn't have this available to you on your server, you should look for a different web host, php is a fantastic and secure server-side scripting language that is available on all modern web servers.

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