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Ramscallion is an 18th century English & Irish dialect word. I was looking for a name to use for a pirate website I have future plans for. Plus, I'm personally a fan of dictionary words, modern, archaic, obselete, Olde English, even medieval and Latin dictionary words. I also like phrases and expressions. 

A worthless, dirty, or disreputable person; a vagrant.

I have documented the definition for ramscallion and its origins on the About page of this website. There is also a bit more information about me & 'domaining' (what I do), there.

Oxford definition of ramscallion

However, despite the fact that ramscallion is no longer in wide enough use to be presented in current modern dictionaries, it does present a unique branding opportunity in that it already has a documented history and a meaning associated with it that can be leveraged to the right brand developer's advantage.

Mind you, the definition of ramscallion is a negative association, so unless you are doing a study, story, book, movie or game about a negative character such as pirates, outlaws bikers or gangsters (or something similar), or intend to use it with a sense of humor, it has limited desirability.

Then again, the registrant (aka owner) of the domain name gets to decide how to brand the domain, and possibly make an anti-hero statement. 

There is a pretty famous restaurant named "Rapscallion", so it isn't anyone's kryptonite.

This is not "it is what it is" (that's just a dumb excuse), this is an opportunity to make it what you want.  I am not here to sell you an idea, I am simply here to usher in your opportunity, if you have the courage to take it.

As far as my investment goes, I have spent a great deal of time researching a domain name for my future pirate website development plans and the upshot is that I searched and registered Rampallion.com as well as Ramscallion.com, so that I can be happy with either name for my future scoundrel anti-hero domain name development.

ne'er-do-well, rascal, rascallion/rascallian, rogue, ruffian, villian

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