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Photo Journal

I used to take photos of nature and the wildlife as I went bicycling around our parks in Sioux Falls. Unfortunately, I need to fix my bike. But I still take photos when I walk our dog, Lulu. Sometimes she even gets in a shot or two.

Free Photo Gallery

The photos here in this slideshow (only) are all freeware and are offered with a free-to-use license images. You may even modify them. I do maintain my Copyright over each image, but that is just so that I get credit. If you do use any of my photos, or use them as a part of your own work, a link back to this page would be greatly appreciated (but isn't required). I would love to hear how or where any of them are used.

To see the whole photo, you actually have to download it. This slideshow used to display these images is sort of a compromise, as I have different sized and aspect ratios of photos here. I didn't resize them because they lose so much detail and impact at lower resolutions, so view any photos that interest you in a new web browser tab, or download it to your device. These are free because I sell my best photos online, and these just didn't make the cut, so I offer them as freeware.

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