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Quoted from Lexico, powered by the Oxford Dictionary:
NOUN; dialect British, Irish.
"A worthless, dirty, or disreputable person; a vagrant."
"Mid 18th century; earliest use found in Henry Fielding (1707–1754), author and magistrate. Apparently an alteration of rapscallion after rampallion. Perhaps compare Scots ram-, intensifying prefix."

I registered Ramscallion.com on October 20th, 2020, because I was looking for a domain name that I could use for a pirate website I am planning in the future. Plus, I am also interested in dictionary words (modern, archaic, obsolete, old English, medieval & some Latin). As it turns out, I also registered Rampallion.com, so I won't need both. 

Plus, I am busy with other projects at the moment, so it will be sometime before I actually take advantage of one or the other.  So, for the right buyer, I am willing to sell. However, please do note that I don't usually bother considering inconsiderate offers.  If it doesn't have value to you, don't bother low-balling me.  

If you are serious about domains, I have a few good ones. I operate Domain Hostmaster, HD Web Hosting and other domain name registration and web hosting service websites. But my real passion is brand design & marketing.


For now, I am my own best customer, domaining, which is the research and speculation of; the investment in; and the development of domain names into websites, and ultimately, into brands.

I conceive and design logos, websites and marketing strategies to develop generic and brand names for investment, resale and business opportunities.

Thanks for reading. 

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